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Constituents Demanding Ceasefire Protest Outside Katherine Clark’s Beach Front Home

Constituents Marched with 'Shrouded Children' to Demand a Ceasefire and Accountability at Representative Katherine Clark's Doorstep

Revere, MA — In a powerful demonstration, constituents marched through Representative & Democratic Whip Katherine Clark’s neighborhood to her beach-side home, carrying representations of shrouded children to symbolize those killed by Israel’s indiscriminate bombing in Gaza. Representative Clark has yet to call for a ceasefire, despite thousands of calls from constituents urging her to take action. In light of this week’s South African genocide case against Israel at the UN’s top judicial agency, the demonstration aimed to symbolically charge Representative Clark with genocide for complicity. 

Constituents rang her doorbell in hopes of delivering the message directly, but Clark, who was believed to be home, did not answer.  Speeches by Palestinian women were made in front of her home. 

Yafa Suliman, a Palestinian constituent, emphasized, “Representative Clark has made a career out of advocating for gun safety and being a faithful supporter of the rights of women and children. But we are here to echo the calls of thousands of Rep Clark’s constituents who say: your hypocrisy is on full display!

Over 70% of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza are women and children. Their lives could have been saved with a ceasefire!

A Ceasefire could have saved the lives of many Palestinian children like Maria Ahmad Abu Safe who was trapped in a dark tight space under the rubble for 4 days with no food or water, Screaming, with her remaining breath, to be saved.”

Lea Kayali, another Palestinian constituent, directly addressed Clark’s role as Whip of the Democratic party, stating, “We are hundreds of thousands of constituents – and millions of people across the country – who are disgusted with your support of genocide and the colossal failure of your so-called leadership. We will continue to expose your alignment with war profiteers. We will demand better representatives, a better system, a better society. We are committed to a world where my people – and all people – can live in freedom and dignity.

You are a leader of the Democratic party – and you will be responsible for its downfall. Because our generation will unseat those who commit crimes against the Palestinian people.”


Representative Clark’s constituents had actively sought her intervention through various means, expressing their concerns and demanding a ceasefire to save lives.

Despite thousands of calls for action, Representative Clark remained unresponsive, causing disheartenment among constituents. Her recent statement, “If I believed a ceasefire would save lives, I would have called for one already,” calls into question her commitment to democracy, gun safety and women’s and children’s rights.

Of further concern is Representative Clark’s significant financial backing from AIPAC, with a reported contribution of $60,000 in the past year. This financial support raises questions about her prioritization of foreign lobby interests over constituents’ needs.

Media Opportunities:

Media are invited to cover the event retrospectively, with interviews available upon request. Visuals include photos and videos of constituents holding representations of shrouded children and marching to Representative Clark’s beach-side home, where they rang the doorbell, made speeches and chanted. Video, audio, b-roll and interviews can be found here

An assembly of constituents, including Palestinians, Muslims, Jews, and allies, were present, speaking and chanting while holding signs.