NYHC Makes Call to Occupy Wall Street This Friday at 3pm!

A CALL TO ACTION, FOR 3PM ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2011 LIBERTY SQUARE AT BROADWAY & LIBERTY STREET (DIRECTIONS) Its not often that everything seems to fall right into place, but Tuesday marked one of those synergistic moments for the Sparrow Project as Andy Stepanian was asked to join Black N’ Blue Productions on East […]

Activists Vow To #OccupyWallStreet

A national call to action for an impromptu mobilization to reclaim Wall Street on September 17th is currently underway.  Taking inspiration from the Arab Spring affinity groups aligned with decentralized groups like Anonymous as well as more mainstreamed outlets like Adbusters are taking to the streets with myriad demands ranging from Wall Street reforms to a […]

The Financial Institutions Fight Back

A Look at the Unapologetic Greed of the Financial Sector by Stephanie Basile: After causing the largest economic collapse in recent memory and taking our taxpayer dollars to help themselves (but no one else) weather the storm, the financial institutions have somehow decided that the financial laws in this country are too strict! Two recent news […]