In November 2012 The Sparrow Project was honored to partner with Strike Debt to develop a media strategy for the launch of the Rolling Jubilee, a campaign to purchase debt sold on shadow markets for pennies on the dollar then abolish it.  With Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee we saw something transformative develop.  Make no mistake about it, this was (and still is) a huge story, not because of savvy media direction, but because of the moral foundation on which the Strike Debt organizers built the Rolling Jubilee.  Having raised over half a million dollars to purchase over 10 million dollars of distressed debt, this brilliant effort has received favorable coverage in the pages of The New York Times, Fast CompanyForbes and other mainstream media outlets. A short roundup of media coverage has been posted in the section below.

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Occupy Wall St. Offshoot Aims to Erase People’s Debts – The New York Times

The People’s Bailout: Occupy Wall Street Wants to Forgive Your Debt – TIME Magazine

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Sandy Didn’t Turn Occupy Into A Humanitarian Organization (mention) – BuzzFeed

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Rolling Jubilee: How Does That Work? – In These Times

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Occupy Wall Street Has An Ambitious Plan To Buy Distressed Consumer Debt And Forgive It – Business Insider

Rolling Jubilee: can a crowdsourced bailout of personal debt work? – The New Statesman

OWS launches Rolling Jubilee – The Big Picture with Thom Hartman, RT

A people’s bailout: OWS seeks to ‘liberate debtors’ – RT, News

OWS bails out the 99 percent – RT, News

Tourettes Traders & Bleeping Bankers – The Keiser Report, RT

The deliciousness of Rolling Jubilee – Reuters

Occupy-Tied “Rolling Jubilee” Campaign Raises $100,000 to Cancel Debt – Democracy Now!

Occupy Distressed Debt: Can We Save The World With Loan Forgiveness? – Slate

A Bailout for the People, by the People: Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ Eats Up Debt – GOOD Magazine

The People’s Bailout: Occupy Wall Street To Erase $1 Million In Debt—Maybe Even Yours – Fast Company

Rolling Jubilee: Buying Up Distressed Debt, Occupy Offshoot Bails Out the People, Not the Banks – Democracy Now!

Occupy Buys Up Debt – Huffpost, Live

Rolling Jubilee Offshoot Of Occupy Wall Street To Offer Debtors $1 Million Bailout – Huffington Post

Occupy Wall Street Group Effort Wants Consumer Debt to Vanish with Rolling Jubilee – Huffington Post

Strange Bedfellows: Occupy Wall Street and the Bill Collector! – Huffington Post

Strike Debt and Rolling Jubilee: The Debate – Dissent Magazine

Occupy Wall Street Is Buying And Paying The 99%’s Debt – Care 2

Occupy Wall Street Launches ‘Rolling Jubilee’ To Buy Up And Forgive Debt – Think Progress 

One year later, Occupy has a brilliant new plan: A people’s bailout – Death & Taxes

The Rolling Jubilee set to bail out the 99% – Digital Journal

Rolling Jubilee kicks off on November 15 – Mother Nature Network

Occupy Wall Street buys up and cancels debt – The Economic Voice

A new direction to help people in over their heads – Mercury News, Silicon Valley

Strike Debt / Rolling Jubilee – The Portland Phoenix

Rolling where? – LBO News

Update on Strike Debt & “Rolling Jubilee” – Baloon Juice

Debt Forgiveness Campaign Started by Occupy Wall Street – Independent Voter Network

Rolling Jubilee: Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land – Patheos

Rolling Jubilee: How Occupy Wall Street aims to bail out the 99% – National Post

Occupy Wall Street Launches ‘Rolling Jubilee’ To Buy Up And Forgive Debt – Nation of Change

Occupy’s New Offshoot Set to Cancel Millions in Medical Debts – Truth-Out 

Ocupa Wall Street inicia un programa de rescate de los deudores – La Tribuna Hispanica (Spanish)

Bailout für Menschen – News AT (German)

Strike Debt: una costola di Occupy punta a cancellare i debiti dei cittadini – First Online (Italian)