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Statement from the Family of Pfc. Manning Regarding Col. Denise Lind’s Verdict

[Fort Meade, MD] The family of Pfc. Manning has issued a statement regarding today’s verdict issued by Judge Denise Lind. Manning was convicted on all counts with the exception of two; Aiding the Enemy (which carried harshest penalties) & 793(e)(for alleged release of the encrypted Garani massacre recording). If sentenced consecutively to the counts to which he was convicted, Pfc. Manning could face up to 136 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 9:30am EST. Journalist Alexa O’Brien has been present for the entire proceeding and will be providing live coverage of tomorrow’s events HERE.

The following is the Manning family statement in its entirety…

“While we are obviously disappointed in today’s verdicts, we are happy that Judge Lind agreed with us that Brad never intended to help America’s enemies in any way. Brad loves his country and was proud to wear its uniform.

We want to express our deep thanks to David Coombs, who has dedicated three years of his life to serving as lead counsel in Brad’s case. We also want to thank Brad’s Army defense team, Major Thomas Hurley and Captain Joshua Tooman, for their tireless efforts on Brad’s behalf, and Brad’s first defense counsel, Captain Paul Bouchard, who was so helpful to all of us in those early confusing days and first suggested David Coombs as Brad’s counsel. Most of all, we would like to thank the thousands of people who rallied to Brad’s cause, providing financial and emotional support throughout this long and difficult time, especially Jeff Paterson and Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network. Their support has allowed a young Army private to defend himself against the full might of not only the US Army but also the US Government.”