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Court Urged to Reverse a Ruling on Terror – The New York Times

Michael Moore asks citizens to stand up to Obama on civil liberties issue – The Guardian

U.S. seeks reversal of indefinite military detention ruling – Reuters

Human Rights Watch decries U.S. prison system – Salon

NDAA is Back in Court – Salon

Circuit Panel Probes Threat of Detention to Journalists – The New York Law Journal

NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision Challenged In Federal Appeals Court – The Huffington Post

U.S. seeks reversal of indefinite military detention ruling – The Chicago Tribune

Justice Dept. Argues Appeal of NDAA Ruling – Democracy Now

Daniel Ellsberg: NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision is Part of ‘Systematic Assault on Constitution’ – Democracy Now

Part 2: Daniel Ellsberg and Jacob Appelbaum on the NDAA, WikiLeaks & Unconstitutional Surveillance – Democracy Now

Michael Moore, Chris Hedges on Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention & the ‘Corporate Coup d’État’ – Democracy Now

Chris Hedges on the NDAA: ‘This is a giant step towards destroying what’s left of our anemic democracy’ – Current TV, Young Turks

Anti-NDAA plaintiff suspects the US military is already using indefinite detention – Current TV, Young Turks

NDAA Challenged In Court – Huffpost Live

Flood The Court! – Huffpost Live

The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State – Truthdig

Exclusive NDAA Coverage: Call to Action with Chris Hedges – RT, Breaking The Set

US’ Betrayal of Truth, Fallout from Fracking, Arms of an Expanding Military – RT, Breaking The Set

Gun Nuts and Chilled Speech – Jed Morey 

U.S. seeks reversal of indefinite military detention ruling – Yahoo! News

Hedges v. Obama, NDAA Part 1 – The Young Turks, The Undercurrent

Michael Moore & Chris Hedges, NDAA Part 2 – The Young Turks, The Undercurrent

The NDAA Indefinite Detention And Extrajudicial Executions: The Rising Corporate State – The Daily Kos

Michael Moore & journalist Hedges: Obama drone memo to ‘legally justify what they’re already doing’ – Raw Story

2nd Circuit Hearing on Indefinite Detention Focuses on Press Rights – Courthouse News Service

NDAA: February Hearing Over the Act Will Help Determine the Fate Of the Constitution – Policy Mic

Second Circuit Considers Challenge to NDAA’s Military Detention Provisions; CMD Joins Challenge to Exec Powers – PR Watch

NDAA: One Of the Most Dangerous Laws in Over a Century – PolicyMic

Activist Heavyweights Convene Against NDAA – Truth Dig

NDAA Lawsuit Brief Filed By Children Of Japanese-Americans Interned During World War II – The Huffington Post

Obama Fighting To Keep Indefinite Detention Provision In the NDAA – Acronym TV

Court Hears Arguments On US Government’s Ability To Indefinitely Detain Citizens – Business Insider

Ayotte, Graham and McCain Will Participate In Hedges Oral Arguments – The Huffington Post

Lawsuit Plaintiffs & Hundreds of Activists will ‘Flood’ 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Fight Against NDAA Indefinite Detention – The Real News

NDAA Lawsuit Hearing In US Court Of Appeals – WBAI Radio

NDAA Indefinite Detention Sparks Outrage at Appeals Court – The Long Island Press

NDAA & CISPA Are Back: New Controversies Emerge Over Laws Concerning Rights – International Business Times

Lawyer Sums Up The Enormous Stakes Of The NDAA Indefinite Detention Lawsuit – Business Insider

In NDAA Lawsuit, Government Claims It Has ‘Decade of Experience’ & Hasn’t Detained Any US Citizens – FireDogLake

Discussing Hedges v. Obama – Washington Square News

Justice Dept. Argues Appeal of NDAA Ruling – Common Dreams

Lawsuit filed against Obama over controversial NDAA program – Press TV

Moore urges Americans to stand up to Obama over NDAA – Press TV

The U.S. Government Sees the Public (As An) Enemy of The State – Crooks & Liars

NDAA – Fighting for Everything that Defines America – Op-Ed News

Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update – We Are Change

Flood the Courtroom – Stop NDAA – Jenna Pope

Michael Moore, Chris Hedges on Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention & the ‘Corporate Coup d’État’ – Nation of Change

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